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Inventure is major shareholder of XOLUTION since early 2016. Inventure brings extensive manufacturing experience from the aluminum can and plastics industry to XOLUTION. With multi-national beverage companies and brands in its portfolio, the company focuses on packaging solutions.



Since 2006, Inventages is shareholder of XOLUTION. Inventages is one of the world's largest life-sciences, nutrition and wellness-focused venture capital funds, with the resources to provide continued support to growing companies. Because of their closeness to the Food & Beverage Industry, Inventages is the ideal partner for XOLUTION. www.inventages.com


MC Patent AG

Based in Regensburg, MC Patent was the inventing company of the XO-100. Since then, MC Patent is shareholder of XOLUTION.



RIG are also based in Regensburg and shareholder since 2004.


Both MC Patent AG and RIG GmbH are private investors, committed exclusively to the XOLUTION GmbH.