XOLUTION® Research and Development Services

Operational Development and Support (Filling Operations)

Development of specially adapted knockout pads for different types of can seamer (can closing) equipment if required
In-field support for XO product use (on-site at the bottling facility)
Advice on optimizing production lines using XO lids

Raw Materials Development

Reduction of the plastic content of the XO closure based on customer requirements
Use of recycled material (e.g. due to legal requirements)
Review of alternative materials from customer inquiries
Review and adoption where feasible customer inquiries regarding further color masterbatch/color combinations
Testing of food safety and XO product performance

Commercial Development of XO Ends

Development of further fields of application (non-beverage applications) based on market demand
Design new promotional laser code(s) printed on aluminum shell substrate
Design of new laser code(s) on customer request (shell decoration, state deposit codes, etc.) printed on aluminum shell substrate
Design of prints on visible XO components; decoration of XO “tabs”


XOLUTION GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has separate Sales Offices in the United States and in Russia.

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