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Outline Debagging Equipment


Manual Systems

XO Ends run on all standard manual debagger systems. Together with the Suppliers, Xolution has developed modified equipment which allows a higher Manual Debagging speed.

The maximum debagging speed for all manual systems depends on operator skills and production environment. Mentioned numbers are based on data collected thus far.


Automatic Systems

XO Ends run on most standard automatic debagger systems but minor upgrades are mandatory. Max. speed depends on debagger model. Existing systems can debag between 2 and max. 6 sleeves/min. Together with the suppliers of automatic debaggers, Xolution is developing modified equipment which allow a higher Automatic Debagging speed.

All automatic debagger equipment is also available with buffer systems and fully automatic depalletizers which are suitable for XO Ends.


** Equipment available middle/end of 2017