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Opening R&D Center Salzburg

Backed by several international investors committed to CAP Technologies’ idea of developing a new, revolutionary can closure, the company is opening an R&D Center in Salzburg, Austria for further research and development of the future product. First field tests reveal that resealable can ends are in demand – both by consumers and beverage manufacturers.



Can of the Year Award - Winner Silver (Category Prototype)

The CAP Resealable Beverage Can End wins Silver at the Cans of the Year Award in the Prototype category at The Canmaker Summit conference in Warsaw, Poland. Cans of the Year has been organized by The Canmaker Magazine since 1996 and annually recognizes innovation in metal packaging design.



Can of the Year Award - Winner Silver (Category Prototype)

The new XO-422 Resealable Beverage Can End wins Silver at the Cans of the Year Award in the Prototype category at The Canmaker Summit conference in Dubai.



Extensive field-testing with new XO Resealable End

XOLUTION starts extensive field tests in one of the most important markets for canned beverages: the United States of America. Since resealable cans are most valuable for active consumers, the team chooses Venice Beach in California, expecting critical and challenging testers amongst the young and active population both in the town of Venice Beach and on its beaches. The tests are monitored by a US market research agency. Both marked and unmarked cans of different serving sizes containing a variety of different beverages are used – always directly comparing traditional SOT ends as well as existing reclosable ends with the new XO resealable can. Thanks to the detailed and very positive results of this field test and other studies carried out throughout the years before, XOLUTION gained valuable consumer insight and the affirmation for the future success of the product. “The XO resealable can will change the consumers’ drinking and purchasing habits. Cans will strengthen their position in the market – not only in the already strong markets like the USA, but also in markets yet dominated by recyclable PET and glass bottles. This would also result in a very positive global environmental balance since the higher the recycling rate of cans worldwide, the lower the carbon footprint. The amount of virgin material and energy required for manufacturing cans is reduced, producing significant environmental savings.” (The Canmaker, 2010).



Preparation for production

As the product is entering the final stage of its development, final adjustments and refinements are made. At the same time, production preparation is tackled. A variety of machines are bought and installed at Alpla in Fussach, Austria, where our XO ends are to be produced. Injection molding techniques allow us to manufacture the plastic components. The fusion of all single parts and final manufacturing is realized by an elaborate combination of machinery. At the end of 2012, the R&D Center was moved from Salzburg, Austria to our headquarters in Munich, Germany in order to be able to survey the involved processes in a more efficient way. A further consumer test is carried out in San Francisco, California, USA. Our XO resealable ends are now technically and commercially ready for market launch.



Going commercial globally with XO10

As production facilities are set up, 2013 is the year to go commercial in several regions. Regional BD / Sales representatives are appointed for the Americas as well as for China and the Pacific region.



Expanding sales towards the East

By 2015, we established our sales office for the Baltics and Eastern Europe in Latvia, paving the way for a major expansion into the region between central Europe and Russia. With a relevant new investment into the company, we also committed to the further development and optimization of the XO System to meet the demands of the global beverage can market.



New shareholder

In early 2016, we closed a € 45M equity investment round with INVENTURE Management Pte. Ltd., Singapore to fund the production capacity increase for XOLUTION’S next generation XO2.0 resealable beverage can technology in order to meet global market demand. Inventure – an international strategic development partner with multi-national beverage companies and brands in its portfolio and a focus on packaging solutions – brings extensive manufacturing experience from the aluminum can and plastics industry to our company.



Going commercial with XO20

The next generation of the XO System In 2017, we launched our next-generation XO2.0 can ends and XO will have 250m capacity by end of 2018 and 800m by 2020