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Fillings Line Implementation

Capabilities of the XO System

One of the most important demands in the multi-year development process was the compatibility with existing processes. Once tested with the XO System, existing lines can be used for both SOT and XO interchangeably: SOT R XO R SOT.



XO End dimensions

Generally speaking, the XO Ends are symmetrically stackable solutions, which cause no problems at feeding and seaming. This avoids major investment to run the system. The basis of the XO End are all standard shell profiles such as B64, CDL/E, CDL/+, ISE, SE, OLOF. We integrated the system within this shell. The opening mechanism on top corresponds to standard requirements of the seaming heads. Most of the technology is hidden under the shell. The XO Ends are also symmetrically stackable and arrive – just as SOT shells - in paper sleeves.

Top benefits

- Compatible with manual, semi and automatic debaggers

- Drop-in concept suitable for all industry-standard seamers

- Diameter 202 platform in B64, CDL+-E, SE, ISE

- No efficiency loss from SOT R XO R SOT

- CAPEX: no or minor investment at filling and seaming equipment required

- No speed reduction at filling

- Standard filling without process impact