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Smooth laminar liquid flow

The XO System is not only the Relock Revolution for beverage cans, but it also improves the entire drinking experience. While opening the XO System, the self-sealing XO Internal Relock Disc is pushed down diagonally towards the liquid. When the can is brought to the mouth and tilted, the liquid flows around the disc in a wavelike movement – the socalled “laminar flow.” The hole under the XO Pull Tab, used for venting during the opening process, operates as an air inlet. This results in a greater and smoother flow rate and pouring speed. As the XO Slider is made of plastic material, the drinking sensation is entirely different from traditional aluminum cans: The can doesn’t feel steelcold against the lips, and there are no sharp edges. The clean surface and the smooth laminar pour provide an unprecedented experience.



Lift the XO Pull Tab to unlock the XO System. You'll hear the familiar venting sound of a can – even after re-opening.
Slide to open the mouthpiece and drink.