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The on-the-go solution

By pushing the XO Slider back over the mouthpiece and pushing the XO Pull Tab back down, the can is relocked: The reason why we invented the system and call it the Relock Revolution. The XO System safely contains and preserves the beverage and its carbonation for freshness at a later time. It also protects it from insects, dirt, and spillage. The XO System passes through several processes invisible to the user to achieve this: the XO Slider inside the can releases the XO Internal Relock Disc into its "closed" position. In addition, the exterior XO Slider covers the mouthpiece and seals the freshness inside. The instantly relocked can is leak-proof and the perfect portable solution.



Relocking the can: first, move the XO Slider back over the mouthpiece.

Push the XO Pull Tab back down to relock the slider for a 100% leakproof beverage can.