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XO Brand Support

Costumized design and ingredient branding support


The fully recyclable XO Can adds a highly functional additional value to any premium product. By offering adaptable designs and ingredient branding, the XO Can is also capable of creating a personalized look and a high recall value for the individual product. All customizations highly scalable without any delay in the delivery of consignments.

The XO Slider is not just black. Currently, we offer a limited number of colors to meet the needs and wishes of the brands. A minimum order quantity per color and additional lead time may apply. Please contact us for an individual solution.

The XO Tamper-Proof Band is made of biaxially oriented PET, which is available in various colors. Please contact us to inquire about the availability of specific colors. A minimum order quantity per color and additional lead time may apply.

On every single XO end we engrave with a laser our traceability code. In addition, the customer has several options to add either an opening instruction, a refund code or logo on the shell. It is also possible to engrave a promotional code below the outer slider which is not visible to the consumer before opening the can.

We carried out extensive market research in various countries, including consumer tests and focus groups. Our partners and customers fully benefit from this know-how. We also organize individual specific research for our partners.


XOLUTION GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has separate Sales Offices in the United States and in Russia.

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