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Room for Upgrade.

From ourn researches, focus group meetings and expert interview, it is abundantly clear that consumers desire a resealable option for their canned drinks. Can sizes continue to increase and brands have already planted the seed in consumers minds that a resealable option is a convenience they can not live without.

Resealable is also a way for brands to showcase innovation which ultimately draws in more consumers who want to associate with brands that are fashionable and forward thinking.

Marc von Rettberg

96% would pay more

A recent survey in California, USA has proven that consumers really want resealable cans. They are even willing to pay more money for that additional value. Therefore the XO system gives brands the chance to keep or even increase the price-level of their products.




Marc von Rettberg

Additional Value

Within the same survey, respondents were asked, how much they would pay more for an energy drink in the size of 16OZ as an extra for resealability. The result was not just a little bit more:

• 72% stated that they would pay 20 US cents extra.
40% actually stated that they would even pay 30 US cents or even more.