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Done drinking for the moment? Now the actual on-the-go experience of XO becomes most evident.

By pushing back the XO Slider over the mouthpiece and returning the XO Pull Tab to its locking position, your can is resealed again. We call that the Trust Locking, which safely contains and preserves the beverage and its carbonation for future drinking freshness, furthermore it protects it from insects, dirt and spillage when empty. Again, the XO system is passing through several invisible processes to achieve this: The interior XO Slider releases the XO Self-sealing Disc into its "closed" position. What's even better, the exterior XO Slider covers the mouthpiece and seals it off with freshness inside, and dirt on the outside.

Your instantly resealed can is now leakproof and turned into a completely portable solution. Put it back in your handbag, backpack, jacket or cup holder; use it outside, in your car or while riding your bike; knock it over, throw it to a friend or place it upside-down. The XO Resealable Can preserves your already opened beverage in the can for you to enjoy it again later. It won’t spill or go flat and nothing will come into it. This is what we call a real portable solution for the generation on the go.

Marc von Rettberg

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Resealing is as easy as opening: Place your index finger and your thumb on the tab and push the XO Slider back to it's initial position, again as if it was a zipper. The XO system makes sure you have no unwanted visitors such as bees or ants inside the can.  




Marc von Rettberg

Push to lock

To lock and fully reseal the can, use your thumb to press down the XO Pull Tab. You can put the can in your bag. Make your move. The XO gives you the peace of mind that the content of your drink will be safe and won't spill. Imagine your can is empty and there´s no dustbin around you, finally you can feel free to put it in your bag or even throw it in the back of your car without worrying about it leaking.