Resists temperature and pressure requirements.

Capable for pasteurization.

Permanent Testing and Optimization Process.

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It's still a can

The XO Resealable Can is new and XO will revolutionize the usage of beverage cans. But it still remains a can. Once the can is filled and assembled, the XO can is completely gas and liquid tight. The system involves no restrictions regarding standard pasteurization, which allows you to carry on with your product processing as usual. The guaranteed pressure stability of the XO can is 7.0 bar.
Once the can was used and disposed of by the end consumer, the XO can may be fully integrated in the existing recycling processes.



  • Fits in existing filling lines
  • Symmetric stacking
  • Parallal feeding
  • Fillng speed up to 1.500/min
  • No change over time SOT -> XO – SOT