MABU: Bagging and Stamping

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mabu pressen ag

mabu-pressen, founded in 1898, is a medium sized, innovative company with an international outlook producing mechanical presses and high-speed automatic presses.
Their modern delivery programme includes high precision automatic presses with pressing forces from 15 kN to 1,000 kN, conventionally or CNC-controlled, with speeds up to 1,200 strokes/min., as eccentric, toggle drive or servo-presses.
Our precision automatic presses are used in chipless pressing, perforating, cutting, bending, drawing and coining operations, including the most complex multi-stage and compound die operations.

For XOLUTION, mabu have developed the complete debagging station, stamping unit, feedaing and transportation systems as well as bagging station. All the equipment is standard within the can maker industry.