Compatible with multiple beverages.

Fits in your existing production line

Existing lines are capable to integrate the XO resealable solution in the filling process. Considering the overall benefits of the XO can, the required adjustments are reasonable. The XO can is designed specifically to integrate into existing processes. Once adjusted to the XO system, your lines can be used for both SOT and XO cans without further implications, and without further stop over time SOT -> XO -> SOT.


To fit the XO resealable solution in your existing lines, a one-time minimal adjustment will be necessary to ensure a smooth filling process with the XO can ends. Once your line is adjusted, cans outfitted with the XO system can be processed at a filling rate up to 1,500 units/minute. Once the machinery is set up, there will be no changes necessary for the switch from SOT to XO and back. XOLUTION is offering a fully integrated solution for all canmakers and the variety of beverages suitable for XO cans will range from energy drinks, functional drinks or carbonated soft drinks to iced teas or coffees, and beer, starting in march 2011.