Enjoy your beverage

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Enjoy your Beverage

Cheers! Quench your thirst, enjoy the taste, and rehydrate your body now. While everything seems as always while you drink, the XO System is accomplishing more "undercover" than you can see.

The first thing you will notice is how smooth the lip contact is compared to drinking out of a traditional can. It's not steel-cold, and there are no sharp edges. Instead, the XO Slider ensures smooth drinking and improves the experience.

The second revelation will submerge your mind as you feel how smooth and even the liquid flows. When you pulled the XO Slider backwards to expose the mouthpiece earlier, the internal XO self-sealing Disc was pushed down diagonally by the interior counterpiece of the XO Slider. Once the can is opened, the diagonally depressed disc guarantees the flow of the beverage, ensuring ideal pressure balance, air stream and liquid flow for a perfect drinking sensation.