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With the XO resealable can, XOLUTION is the most advanced reclosable beverage container solution. Already in its prototype state, the new XO resealable can won the Can of the Year Award in Dubai in 2009 (Winner Silver - Category Prototype) and was enhanced and refined since, involving extensive market research and field testing. With the can now entering the consumer beverage market, we are confident that the product resembles a step forward for XOLUTION in becoming the market leader in this field.


XOLUTION GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany. In 2008, Marc von Rettberg was named Chief Executive of the company. He joined Christian Bratsch, Vice President R&D, to introduce innovative designs to the beverage packaging industry for reclosable beverage cans.

Rettberg and Bratsch established new product design guidelines with a clear focus on values and benefits for the entire supply chain. The innovative beverage can ends were required to offer easy usage to the consumer (intuitive, easy to open and reseal), easy integration for the beverage filler in the existing processes (no major adjustments to the filling line), easy handling for the can maker (XO reclosable can ends based on standard shells), and improved commercialization for the beverage brand (unique branding options). And, of course, the focus was set on providing these benefits at a reasonable overall cost.

In 2009, Can Maker Magazine recognized the XOLUTION innovative resealable can with the Silver Award in the Prototype category for the XO-400 reclosable beverage can lid. Since Time-to-Market is a key challenge for all innovators, Rettberg and Bratsch have created a competitive advantage of rapid prototyping and testing capabilities in their Salzburg R&D Center.